PREMO'S PEMB Standards:

  • Architectural trim package

  • 26 GA. 80,000 PSI sheeting

  • Base Angle, Base Trim and Closures to give you a fully sealed wall

  • Life time fasteners

  • 30 year Paint warranty against fading, chalking, cracking, peeling and blistering

  • Engineered to meet local Codes

  • Manufactured in an IAS category MB facility

  • Pre welded clips for easier and faster erection

  • Die Formed Ridge Cap

  • "INVENTORY". Premo Steel will be on-site when your building delivers to insure that everything is there that should be. Be very careful of that person that says they have everything perfect all the time. This is construction and we at PREMO like to catch anything that may be missing before the erector needs it. We are the "only ones" that will provide this service on all our jobs.

Always Exceeding Expectations


FREE 3070 DOOR WITH BUILDING PURCHASE.                           (Excludes Specials Buildings)



At PREMO STEEL you will not be high pressured into making a purchase on your initial call​. You would be amazed at how many companies try to pressure you into a building. Typically they tell you they have a building close to the size your looking for or they have enough frames to cover the size your looking for and they can give it to you for a discounted cost. The old adage:
      "if it sounds to good to be true it probably is"
goes along way here.
At PREMO STEEL you will always be given a no-nonsense quote that is inclusive of everything that you told your District Manager you needed. Your building will always be made of the strongest steel that the industry has to offer. PREMO STEEL will not sacrifice quality to cheapen your Steel Building Package.
You will be dealing with a District Manager that knows the industry and can help you in your design phases. The same DM that you initially deal with will be right by your side throughout your entire process. That process includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Quotation and budget process
  • Sales Order process
  • Coordinating process
  • Drafting and Detailing process
  • Engineering process
  • Drawing approval process
  • Fabrication process
  • Shipping Process
  • Delivery process
  • Inventory process
  • Service process

Most other companies will have what the industry refers to as a scripted salesman that you will deal with until the deposit is made and then everything typically changes.
At PREMO we understand that every project has a budget and we will do our best to help you stay within yours. Due to our volume and the way we are structured we have extremely competitive and aggressive pricing. PREMO STEEL really outshines others in these very important areas.

                               COMPETITORS PEMB Standards:

  • Box Trim

  • 29 GA. 50,000 PSI sheeting

  • No Base Trim or Base Closures only Base Angle. They will talk you into a sheeting notch to cheapen the cost of their trim.

  • Standard fastener. They do not have the Noeprene  hood

  • They will tell you it's a 50 year warranty but a warranty is only as good as the company that's offering it.

  • They will not call your Building dept. 

  • They typically get the building from multiple facilities

  • Their clips are typically bolted on so more work for the erector

  • The usually use a flat pan universal cap that usually leaks

  • They will never do an inventory